Local Community

Abiko Cherry Blossom Viewing Party for Citizens

The cherry blossoms in full bloom in the 13th and 16th holes and their vicinity are opened to the public. More than one thousand people visit the party every year not only from around the city but also from other prefectures.

Experience in Work Place for Junior High School Students

Students of neighboring junior high schools experience jobs for the golf course, for two or three days.

Safety Evacuation Area

The Club is appointed as one of the Safety Evacuation Areas in Abiko City. If a disaster occurs, activities including information, aid, rescue, and relief will be carried out in the Areas as bases.

Komorebi Golf Lesson

The lessons are given as events in the Community Center “Komorebi”. Professionals from the Club take part in the lessons.

Reception of Play of Prefecture and City Residents

On weekdays in predetermined periods, the course is opened to golfers who are residents of the prefecture and the city.

  • Abiko Citizens Golf Festa
  • Matsudo Citizens Golf Competition
  • Kashiwa Citizens Golf Competition
  • Chiba Prefecture Golf Festa
  • Chiba Prefecture Professional Golf Training Session
  • Kanto Golf Association Junior Golf School
  • Chiba Prefecture Amateur Golf Training Session
  • Kanto Golf Association Monthly