Abiko Spirits

Akihiro Ogawa
President, Abiko Golf Club

 With the deep forest that covers the hills of Abiko and the mysterious scenery of Lake Teganuma and villas owned by celebrities such as Naoya Shiga and Saneatsu Mushanokoji since the late Meiji era, Abiko has been referred to as "Kamakura in the North".

 "Abiko Golf Club" was founded in 1930 with an idea to protect the rich natural landscape of the region and promote the local economy when the city of Abiko began to face urbanization.

 The course was initially designed by Rokuro Akahoshi, a legendary golf player and course architect with his design concept "lay of the land". He created the dynamic golf course, which would require a high-level play strategy by adorably taking advantage of the undulating terrain of Abiko that had been developed over centuries since ancient times.

 Toward the upcoming 100th anniversary, the Club decided to undergo a significant renovation in 2012. The course redesign was commissioned to Brian Silva, one of the foremost admired golf course architects, and the work took ten months to complete. The course was reborn as the neo-classic while upholding Akahoshi's original design principles and vision. Consequently, it received the Best International Renovation Award by the US Golf Digest Magazine in 2014.

 Our club values the "liberal spirit". It creates "a non-dissimilatory, inclusive and democratic golf club where people highly respect etiquette and manners". This liberal spirit, which has been passed down since its foundation, is the key driving force for spreading and developing golf culture in Japan, bringing excitement to members, and nurturing many exceptional golf players.

 We strive to be the golf club where anybody who once plays here would hold unforgettable memories and desire to play again.